Sadly 3,128 Australians died by suicide in 2017, equating to 8.3 suicides each day, accounting for 1.9% of all deaths.

To understand how many people this accounts for, imagine 23 fully loaded Boeing 737 – 300 aeroplanes that carry 133 passengers each crashing with no survivors. Now multiply that by 8 to understand how many Australian’ also try to end their life each year.

And tragically many other countries have much higher suicide rates!

Unfortunately, lots of people’s beliefs or attitudes hinder them from intervening when they sense someone may be suicidal eg. “they’re only a child they wouldn’t do it” or “it’s not my job”

This resource contains common beliefs and attitudes, along with facts to prompt reflection and promote action. It’s easy to understand and use with individuals or as a group work tool.

So get it now, to help debunk limiting beliefs and attitudes

Remember you don’t have to be an expert to help prevent suicide!


Participants must be adults and should not have recently been bereaved by suicide.

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Each participant is allocated 30 days to complete this course. At the end of this period, access to the course will be terminated.

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